80% of profits donated
About us

Freedom trucker

Each Freedom Trucker NFT is a unique 1 of 1 truck that pays tribute to the brave men and women that put their livelihoods on the line to fight for their rights and freedoms. These truckers inspired a global movement in over 30 countries, with people all over the world standing up in solidarity. This collection, like the Freedom Convoy truckers, aims to inspire the world to come together to help people who have been negatively impacted by mandates and medical procedures arising from the Covid 19 pandemic. Our goal is to bring awareness and help people by contributing the majority of profits gained by the sales of this collection to individuals who have have adverse events, mental illness and job loss. We can fuel this change , we can do this one freedom trucker at a time!

15k Total Supply
14500 1/1 freedom truckers and 250 1/2 Freedom hero's.
100+ Different Traits
Over 10 different categories of traits such as trcuk color schemes, bumpers, poster, flags etc. so there is a unique freedom trucker for everyone
5 Levels Of Rarity
5 Rarities of nfts in your collection. common, rare, ultra rare, legendary and Freedom hero. Each will have different levels of benefits/ utility to the holder


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