Freedom hero's

auction start to be announced


We are honored to announce our first honorary freedom hero Maddie de garay . Maddie will have her own nft and the proceeds from her nft auction will go to maddie. She stood up for others and now we should stand for her! for more info on maddies story look on our social media.  

Auction start to be announced

ernesto Jr.

we are proud to announce our honorary freedom hero Ernest Jr. Ernest is no longer with us but his memory will forever inspire change. For more on the his story and his father Ernest senior look on our social media .


Your Freedom heros

    are you a freedom hero?

    Calling all Freedom Heroes! These extraordinary individuals transcend diversity to aid others, raise awareness for those suffering, and drive positive change in our world. With hearts ablaze, they sow seeds of empathy and compassion, championing social good and fostering collective well-being. Resilient in the face of adversity, they challenge injustice, leaving indelible imprints on humanity’s story. 

    If this is you we would appreciate you reaching out , as you may be a freedom hero in our collection. 

    So who better to be our most valuable part of this collection then you! 

    Our freedom hero’s

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